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Airplane Technics LLC (ATL) is an aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) company. Airplane Technics is approved by Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA) under the license number GCAA 104. OUR VISION delivering innovative solutions and quality services in the aviation services industry. SAFETY Safety is our biggest issue. We instructing our staff day by day and in every level of the organization. We are a young company , but working with an International experience team to lead our young staff to reach the hightest safety understanding and performance. Each error is analyzed and evaluated QUALITY Quality is absolutely standard. We don’t want be second, we want to rize to the top. Every customer help us with suggestion and comments to be better.We taking care of our customer , we give more than requested. Our customer must be always happy of our product and of course the timely delivery. PEOPLE High training performance Our employees responsibility of ensuring the safey and quality , our mangers checking the products which are ready for delivery. Our staff is trained according EASA standard and the first technician in Central Asia and Region who are in posess of EASA-66 licence. Out staff is trained by an EASA Part-147 for the basic licence and of course for the type rating. We are not pressurizing our student to finish in a period of time, we finish the courses only when everybody understood what we are teaching. Our technican are all engineers graduated in the Aviation University. This makes us strong in our work performance, quality and trouble shooting. CUSTOMERS Are our friends, not only because they are paying… we are welcome each single customer warmly, does not matter how big the customer is. We provide not only a wide range of services , but also consultancy how the customer can reduce his costs. We have the solution, and we never say “NO”. The flexibility of our company is unique. We are honest, fairly and respectfully to everyone.


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