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Croatia's Dugopolje solar farm secures 11.1 million-euro contract

| Hep Group

Holly Energy Partners LP Reports 50% Surge in Q3 Net Income

| Hep

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. closes Seed funding round at $190m

| Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Spiritus Launches Economical Carbon Removal Solution at Less than $100 per Ton

| Spiritus

KORIS is an end-to-end functional framework for the sake of Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs

| Koris

Conscius acquired by Ewii

| Conscius

Bolt Technology OÜ. closes venture round at £672,490

| Bolt Technology OÜ.

Amodo and YAS MicroInsurance announce partnership

| Amodo Inc.

Sintezis closes Seed funding round at $250,000

| Sintezis

Scalable Global Solutions JSC closes venture round at €565,000

| Scalable Global Solutions JSC