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Takumi ramen restaurant opens a branch in Utrecht

| Takumi Precision Engineering Ltd.

Netherlands Chooses L3Harris Radios for Digitisation Program

| L3Harris Technologies, Inc.

Fokker goes for sustainable aircraft via 3D

| Fokker Technologies

MBDA Deutschland Develops MILOS-P Laser for Infantry and UGVs

| MBDA Deutschland

24 new high-voltage substations in Brabant, but construction takes a while

| Eindhoven Airport

Promising Phase 1 Results for ALN-APP: Potential Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

| Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Netherlands Receives Funding to Develop High-Precision Laser for ESA's Black Hole Mission

| European Space Agency

Sanofi Explores Acquisition of Mirati Therapeutics: Bloomberg News

| Sanofi

Eurenco will invest 40 million in its Engis factory and recruit

| Eurenco

Fokker Next Gen and Dassault Systèmes sign cooperation agreement for aviation

| Fokker Next Gen