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Cuentas Announces Proposed Acquisition to Enter $215 Billion Cybersecurity Market

| Cuentasok

Cuentas Announces Final Stage of Fintech and Mobile Product Development for North American Market

| Cuentasok

Google tools generated 266 thousand mdp in economic activity for companies in Mexico in 2022

| Google Workspace

Ernst & Young Acquires Future Friendly: Expanding Digital Solutions Consulting

| EY

Sovos Compliance, LLC. closes Seed funding round at $5.8m

| Sovos Compliance, LLC.

Wolters Kluwer Limited announces della ai ltd acquisition

| Wolters Kluwer Limited

RMZ and CPP Investments announce partnership


Uber launches Security Tool

| Uber Technologies Inc

Aspel de México acquired by Siigo

| Aspel de México

Factoro announces partnership with Raptor Products

| Factoro SAPI de CV