This is the story of Selligence

We provide the B2B leads your team needs.

Our unique AI driven sales triggers are used globally, helping teams increase their outbound success rates and save time on prospecting.

June 2017
Talent Ticker Limited is incorporated
And so our journey began! In June 2017, Founder and CEO Nick Vaughan incorporated the company, his new brainchild, as Talent Ticker Limited.
February 2018
First piece of code is written
In February 2018, we wrote our very first piece of code, marking a significant milestone for Talent Ticker.

With a team of just five in a shoe-box office, the company was about to start on our scaling journey with an office move and new hires in the pipeline.
January 2019
First customer is onboarded
Not even twelve months on from our first line of code, we onboarded the first Talent Ticker customer, signalling the start of our growth.

The team was now approaching 20 people strong and fresh ideas were already coming into play for our product’s development.
July 2021
Change of company name to Selligence
With our focus now on expansion and gaining traction in new markets, Talent Ticker underwent a transformation and rebrand to Selligence.

Our new growth mindset led to an even more exciting change just a few weeks later...
August 2021
Expansion into US with offices in New York and Tampa
The company’s expansion was directed next towards the United States. In August 2021, Selligence opened two new offices in New York and Tampa, signalling our emergence into a new and exciting market that helped grow our business and reputation.
September 2021
Launch of Talent Sourcing service
September 2021 saw the launch of our Talent Sourcing service, further solidifying the company's position in the industry.

Supporting our Staffing and Recruitment clients, this tool offered  a new way to identify and connect with top talent across all industries.
September 2022
Launch of revised AI model for producing Sales Triggers
Another important milestone for the company was the launch of our revised AI model. The new model for producing Sales Event Triggers allowed Selligence to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence.

Now the industry-leading provider of Sales Event Triggers, in September 2022 Selligence became the first company to track 116 different types of market trigger!


Throughout Selligence’s history, we’ve been committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility.
Using our AI and ground-breaking technology, we can provide our clients with innovative solutions to their business challenges. We look forward to continuing this journey and helping even more companies improve their efficiencies, boost productivity, and ultimately, succeed faster in the future.