We use predictive intelligence to
find you leads before anyone else

Plus, we…

  • Give you access to contact data for 650m people and 45m companies

  • Automate your business development, prospecting, and time consuming tasks

  • Reduce costs by consolidating your tech stack into a single platform

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Key use cases

Key use cases: find hot leads before anyone else

Get insights tailored to your specific markets and niches delivered to your inbox 24/7.

Staffing Agencies

Automate your business development, predict who will be hiring, and instantly identify the best candidates.

Find growing companies

Talent Acquisition

Access 650m people profiles, including passive candidates, that you won’t find anywhere else on tools like LinkedIn.

Unlock passive candidates

Executive Search

Boost your market intelligence, automate your entire workflow, and enrich your CRM and ATS databases – all in one platform.

Dominate your market


Find companies ready to grow and spend, identify your ideal customer profiles, and automate your outreach.

Hit your target

300+ global companies go-to sales intelligence partner

→ Hamlyn Williams Tech Team saw 35x ROI with Selligence. See case study.

We’ve created a whole new category of sales intelligence

Other sales intelligence providers that you’ve come across, or may even use, will tell you the identity of your ideal prospects or what they’re actively interested in at this moment in time.

At Selligence, we’re in a category of our own, by revealing what your ideal customers and prospects will need or want months in advance, so you can win more exclusive business and close more deals.

How our unique predictive intelligence works

We gather information from millions of content sources to feed over 70 patent protected predictive models, providing 100,000’s of actionable insights every day.

Insights including…
• Funding prediction scores
• Hiring and firing trends
• Spending projections
• Department spend forecasts
• Top-tier passive candidates
• Company footprint expansion

It’s these unique predictive insights that will give you a competitive advantage in your market – it’s like getting a head start on every new opportunity.

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John Newton
Chief Revenue Officer JCW

Where we’ve struggled with low response rates with tools like LinkedIn, and low quality candidates from job boards, Selligence has opened up passive candidate pools.

Jamie Watts
Managing Consultant Hamlyn Williams

I’ve made multiple placements with just under £50,000 in fees across the first eight months of using the platform – solely from business obtained from Selligence.

What a typical customer use case looks like: Staffing

When you’re operating in a fast-paced industry like staffing and recruitment, you know hundreds, if not thousands, are actively working against you.

It’s extremely difficult to find new clients or job vacancies, but it gets dramatically easier when you remove the competition altogether.

This is exactly how predictive intelligence at Selligence works. After running a quick search, staffing and recruitment professionals will know:

• Which companies will be hiring, before they post any vacancies
• Expected company development, growth, and investment plans
• The projected hiring departments or roles to support growth
• Key company contacts business or personal email and numbers

And, this is all months ahead of anyone else.

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Having contact data is almost as important as finding warm leads

Getting leads before anyone else is great, but if you can’t connect with your ideal contacts, you won’t be able to offer up your expertise.

That’s where our leading dataset comes in.

650m contact profiles

Stop worrying about outdated information and focus on engaging with your next ideal contact.

Unlock our leading database of contact information, including business or personal emails and numbers.

Gain access to a gold mine of ‘off-the-grid’ passive candidates that you won’t find anywhere else.

45m B2B listings

Our market mapping feature allows you to plot your entire target market with ease, along with all relevant professionals contact details.

Compile long and short lists across skillsets, specific industries, and experience in seconds.

Track existing clients to get a deeper understanding and fuel more consultative partnerships.

Real-time data aggregation

We gain a greater coverage and quality through content aggreation.

Instead of relying on just one source of contact data, we gather and validate information from multiple sources in real-time.

This means you’ll spend less time dialing non-existing numbers or pinging outdated emails, and more time talking to people.

Here’s how Selligence helps you beat the competition

Find leads before anyone else with predictive intelligence

With over 70+ predictive triggers doing the hard work for you, you’ll get insights delivered 24/7, tailored to your markets and niches.

Save up to 8 hours a week on your business development

Get a constant flow of warm opportunities, automate your most time consuming tasks, and compile niche long or short lists in seconds.

Unlock our leading database with 650m contact profiles

Access 650m contact profiles and 45m B2B listings, including business or personal emails and landline or mobile numbers.

Discover passive candidates you won’t find anywhere else

Our predictive intelligence reveals untapped talent pools full of passive candidates that you won’t find anywhere else.

Turn your cold calls into warm conversations

Pinpoint your ideal-fit accounts with specialist filters, know when they’re looking to spend, and connect instantly with our outreach.

Reduce costs by 4x and increase efficiencies

Consolidate your tech stack into an all-in-one solution, cutting costs by an average of 4x, and removing unnecessary tools and silos.

Why Selligence?

Here’s a just a few reasons why hundreds of global companies choose Selligence.

Bespoke products for recruitment and sales

Patent protected predictive intelligence

Leading dataset with 650m contact profiles

Save 8 hours a week on BD and prospecting

Reduce costs with tech stack consolidation

Second to none
client support

Don’t just take our word for it

These professionals use Selligence to get ahead of their competition

Staffing, talent acquisition, executive search, and sales teams, trust Selligence to give them a competitive edge.

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Jack R
VP, Cyber Security at Hamlyn Williams

Great depository of market information, with insights that are easily actional from a Business Development perspective

Nick Hoadley
Managing Director Insurance Search

Great platform and even better customer service.

Lauren Guida
Managing Director Precision National Search

It’s been providing so many high-quality leads that I’ll never need to use another method again.

Alex Turner
Managing Director, Zander Search

It is both easy to use and accurate. It quickly became our go-to market/client intelligence tool.

Sophie Spencer
Head of Cyber Security Barclay Simpson

The platform itself has positively impacted our business by delivering a regular stream of AI driven, qualified leads.

Sam Paynter
Senior Recruitment Consultant Hunter Selection

The company information pages are very informative and give you all the up-to-date news on the company which really helps win the client over.

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